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Chicago Pneumatic WEDA 40N 440-480V Y 60HZ CP 450 4 HP PART 3081620279

$2,690.00 $2,152.00



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CPWE range: submersible pumps

CPWE pumps have evolved from a long history of improvements and are designed be portable, easy, reliable and efficient. They cater to a wide range of dewatering application from mines, process water, municipal and general dewatering. Low weight and high performance becomes a game changer when you have move pumps to multiple locations.This is where CPWE pumps make the difference and become a preferred choice of customers. The modular design helps in servicing the pump with ease. With the inbuilt electrical protections inside a sealed unit, installing the pump is a matter of minutes. These small things make a difference when have to be quick and flexible in the field.

CPWE D pumps

The CPWE D pumps are designed for drainage applications in tough environments such as mines, construction or tunnels sites.

Media: Water density up to 68.67 lb/cu ft

Design: Top discharge

Solid Handling: 0.16 – 0.47 inch PH values: from 5 to 8

CPWE S pumps

The CPWE S pumps are designed for pumping water with high content of solids, up to 2 inches of size in hard environments like quarries, mines or tunnel sites.

Media: Water density up to 87.4 lb/cu ft

Design: Bottom side discharge

Solid Handling: 1-2 inch PH values: from 5 to 8


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