About Us


What do we do? We strategically seek out manufacturers of high quality tools, valves, lubricants, etc. to find reliable OEM and Aftermarket parts and consumables for a wide array of machines. We are here to keep you up and running. 


We offer well over 130,000 unique parts at the time of this writing. PneumaticNow.com is dedicated to motion parts, hydraulics & pneumatics. While our sister site CompressorNow.com is dedicated to compressed air. Not sure where to look? Give us a call or send an email to sales@pneumaticnow.com and we’ll give you a hand. 


We offer the widest variety of filters and lubricants in the United States. Everyday we are finding new sources to get the right service parts to keep you operating at peak performance. Ask about our service plan options: We will set you up on a schedule of your choice to get the correct service parts to your facility at the right time. 

With our OEM partnerships we can deliver those hard to find parts to help you avoid costly delays and downtime.